ShopEasy started as a pioneering Australian online shopping website back in 2003. Then less than 50% of households had access to the internet and those that did mostly dialled up with a 28K analogue modem. You had to wait quite some time (it was almost painful) for your average webpage to load and online shopping options were limited to say the least. Our founding goal to provide a means for Australian businesses to market and sell their products using this new thing called ‘online’.

These days the online shopping landscape is globalised, well accepted and highly competitive. For shoppers that is a good thing. We have evolved with the changes too. Previously selling just about anything you could imagine in a megastore format, ShopEasy Australia has narrowed its focus and now prides itself on sourcing high quality lifestyle products and services at great prices from Australian and International providers. We like to support Australian business and will promote Aussie suppliers wherever possible so long as their offering represents exceptional value.

ShopEasy is operated by Total Computing Solutions Pty Ltd which is a fully Australian owned and operated company. When you purchase a product or service listed on the ShopEasy site you deal directly with the supplier providing that product or service and process the transaction under their terms and conditions. It goes without saying that at ShopEasy we only promote products or services provided by those we consider have exemplary customer service and a great price. Hopefully you too will find something you like and adds fun to your life at ShopEasy.